Knowing FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a web feed management provider founded by Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe, FeedBurner launched in 2004.

All existing feeds simply become Feedburner feeds seamlessly and transparently for all users. An essential action that I suggest to every blogger is set up Feedburner after creating your WordPress or BlogSpot blog. FeedBurner is a great tool that will help you stay in contact with your website visitors. FeedBurner can automatically email visitors that have signed up.

When Feedburner was acquired by Google in mid-2007, we were all excited about the potential. Feedburner provides useful subscription stats and powerful overrides that any blogger or podcaster can use. FeedBurner is the most popular web feed management provider It’s relatively easy to get the feed for your Jekyll site running on FeedBurner.. FeedBurner provides a way for people to subscribe to your blog posts.

When you use FeedBurner to manage Web feeds for your business, you can customize this data by uploading your own files. While the built-in WordPress RSS feeds work great, many people choose to transfer their RSS feed to a free Google service called feedburner. 

The Feedburner FeedSmith Plugin allows you to redirect all your original Edublogs feed to your FeedBurner Feed. HubSpot allows you to integrate your Feedburner feed, whether you wish to track your new HubSpot blog in Feedburner.


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